Exclusive Preview - Mike Mignola Art for Abe Sapien Figure

Exclusive Preview - Mike Mignola Art for Abe Sapien Figure

Exclusive Preview: Mike Mignola Art For Abe Sapien Figure

By Matthew Sardo
March 26, 2020


Dark Horse Direct and 1000Toys are releasing a limited edition Abe Sapien figure this summer, but thanks to Dark Horse Direct, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive look at the brand new Mike Mignola illustration which will be used as the box art.

The Abe Sapien Action Figure will be approximately 6” tall, with Removable Vest, Interchangeable Hands, Pistol, Spear Gun, and Knife. The figure is limited to pre-orders, with a price tag of $119.99. Check out the Mignola piece below.

Dark Horse Direct, creator Mike Mignola, and 1000Toys are back and proud to introduce the next member of the B.P.R.D. with Abe Sapien! As a follow-up to our best-selling 1/12th scale Hellboy Action Figure, this fully articulated Abe Sapien 1/12th scale action figure stands at approximately 6” tall and features removable vest, interchangeable hands, pistol, spear gun, and knife. The pistol and knife can be holstered on Abe’s belt when not in use. As a Dark Horse Direct exclusive, this figure will also include the archenemy of the B.P.R.D., a separate non-articulated Rasputin figure!

This version is exclusive to Dark Horse Direct, and the edition size will be limited to the number of pre-orders taken in a one-time production run, never to be reproduced. Add this new paranormal investigator to your team and expand your very own B.P.R.D.!

Head over to Dark Horse Direct for more information.


Abe Sapien Action Figure 1000toys Dark Horse Direct Exclusive




We are so excited by this beautiful original box art by Mike Mignola with colors by Dave Stewart! Check out the Monkeys Fighting Robots original announcementIt's going to look stellar on your shelf next to your Dark Horse Direct Exclusive Hellboy Action Figure. We can't wait to get these in your hands! 

We've also announced the edition size for the Abe Sapien Action Figure with Rasputin (non-posable) Dark Horse Direct Exclusive at 1000 units, so pre-order now while supplies last!

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