The Umbrella Academy is back!

The Umbrella Academy is back!

The Umbrella Academy is back in full force and Dark Horse Direct has your next collectible!

But you may be asking yourself, "Are these the same characters I see on the Netflix show?"


Yes, they are! Here's a little bit about their origin:

The Umbrella Academy started as a comic book series first hitting shelves in September 2007. The first story arc, Apocalypse Suite, showed this group of gifted adopted siblings saving the world and getting ice cream! Things quickly changed for this dysfunctional family after the death of The Horror...

These beloved characters came from the imagination of Gerard Way, which you can see early concepts here:

Gabriel Bá reimagined the designs to what we see today: The Umbrella Academy!



So, from a comic book standpoint, lets take a look at two of our favorite characters!


#00.01: Luther Hargreeves, a.k.a Spaceboy

The leader of the team, codenamed Spaceboy due to his accomplishment of being the youngest person ever to become an astronaut. After a disastrous mission to Mars, his head was surgically grafted to the body of a Martian Ape and gained all the physical abilities of one.



#00.04: Klaus Hargreeves a.k.a The Séance

His powers include telekinesis, communicating with the dead, channeling the dead, communicating through airwaves, possessing people and levitation. They work best when he's not wearing shoes! He also dresses in a goth fashion with black clothes, black makeup and eventually, he dyes his hair black!



Check out The Umbrella Academy collection here and start putting your team together! And be sure to watch The Umbrella Academy Season 1 and 2 now streaming on Netflix!



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