The Last of Us Part II - Outbreak Day 2019

The Last of Us Part II - Outbreak Day 2019

Thank you so much to those who helped us and Naughty Dog to celebrate an amazing Outbreak Day this year! We are absolutely in awe of the love and support from the Last of Us community that makes it truly one of the best fandoms to be a part of. You can find out all of the happenings from this year's celebration on PlayStaion's Last of Us Pt. II Page.

While our limited edition Ellie Statue did sell out really quickly, please feel free to contact us at, and we would be happy to add you to a waitlist for this item. 

The Last of Us Pt. II Art Book should also be going up for pre-order the morning of Monday, September 30th. So definitely check that out!

Once again, thank you for an amazing day yesterday! We can't wait for the game to release next year and are so excited to get our exclusive statue into your hands. Stay tuned for more new product announcements through our social media channels and newsletter!



The Dark Horse Direct Team