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From now until 11:59pm February 14th, 2019, enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win the entire Spaceboy Maquette package! Simply sign up HERE and we'll be contacting our winner on February 15th, 2019, the SAME DAY as The Umbrella Academy original series drops on Netflix

The upcoming show has been getting RAVE reviews (links below) and we are so excited to see Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's hit comics be brought to life! We're definitely wishing we could time travel into the future to binge all 10 episodes right now. 


Stay tuned!

The DH Direct Team


Praise for The Umbrella Academy on Netflix:


"Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy' is even weirder than the comic. It's an absolute must see." -THE WASHINGTON POST


"First Umbrella Academy Reviews speak of a very weird, very refreshing superhero series." -SYFY WIRE


"The Umbrella Academy is incredibly interesting, enjoyable, quirky, and well worth your time." -COLLIDER 


"Blackman’s adaptation doesn’t succeed solely because of its excellent cast and writing. As mentioned above, the music—overseen by music supervisors Maggie Phillips and Christine Greene Roe—is fantastic. Fight scenes are set to tracks by the likes of Queen, They Might Be Giants, and Lesley Gore, while one of the most emotional scenes in the series is set to a heart-wrenching track by Big Thief. There are also dance sequences (yes, you read that right) that establish levity even in the darkest and most depressing episodes." -THE MARY SUE


"Fans of The Umbrella Academy comic will no doubt be satisfied, as the show gifts them with a deeper look at what they love. Those new to the property can expect a much different trip into the superhero genre than they’ve taken before – punctuated by some They Might Be Giants here and there." -COMIC BOOK RESOURCES