New Products Announcement: Hellboy: Hand of Glory and Lotería Game

New Products Announcement: Hellboy: Hand of Glory and Lotería Game

Celebrate 'Hellboy's 30th Anniversary With These Unique Collectibles

You blinked and one of the most interesting superheroes ever created is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Hellboy was created by Mike Mignola and had a less-than-friendly background by design. The anti-hero is a half-demon, half-human individual who decides to fight his own kind in order to protect humanity. Against all odds, the character survived and thrived, and now Collider is excited to exclusively share that Dark Horse Comics is releasing some fun new merch to celebrate the character.

One of the celebratory items will be the Hellboy card game inspired by the Mexican game Lotería. The game of chance is similar to bingo, but played with cards and tablas (playing boards) instead of balls. Traditionally, the Lotería cards have illustrations on them, which is where the celebration of the franchise will come to life. Dark Horse hand-picked stunning artwork to create 36 unique Lotería cards — and you can check out some of them in this article.

Additionally, Dark Horse shared with Collider another collector's item that Hellboy fans certainly can't miss. The company went all out to create a 100%-parafin wax made Hand of Glory Candle. Ripped from the pages of Hellboy: Box Full of Evil, the candle has comic-accurate colors and looks as spooky as it should in real life. It's separated in five individual wicks and can burn for about 6 hours if you decide to light them up.

The Hellboy Lotería game is already available to purchase for $19.99 on the Dark Horse Direct website. the full game comes with a header card, 36 cards, 10 tablas, 1 rules sheet, and 60 tokens. The Hand of Glory Candle is approximately 4” wide by 9” tall, costs $59.99 and is also available for purchase on the website.


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