New Product Announcement - The Umbrella Academy: The Séance Maquette

New Product Announcement - The Umbrella Academy: The Séance Maquette

The Umbrella Academy: Dark Horse Direct Reveals New Séance Maquette


Dark Horse Direct teamed up with creators Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá to today reveal a new entry its line of maquettes based on The Umbrella Academy: The Séance Maquette. This follows the previously revealed, and currently sold out, Spaceboy maquette. As with Spaceboy, this Séance is specifically based on the comics version of Number 4/Seance/Klaus rather than as he appears in Netflix's ongoing series as portrayed by Robert Sheehan.

The Séance Maquette is limited to a run of 300 and is scheduled to begin shipping in early 2021. Contrary to the Spaceboy maquette, Séance will only cost $149.99 rather than $299.99. The latest and greatest Umbrella Academy maquette stands at approximately 11" tall, and it comes with an exclusive enamel pin of the character as he appears in The Umbrella Academy Volume 2: Dallas, Hawaiian shirt and Ouija board and all.


We are incredibly excited to announce the new limited edition The Umbrella Academy: The Séance Maquette, available for pre-order here! Check out the exclusive announcement at here. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all of our upcoming product announcements. 


The Dark Horse Direct Team