New Product Announcement - Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023 (Mike Mignola Exclusive Variant)

New Product Announcement - Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023 (Mike Mignola Exclusive Variant)

Holy Hutch! Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023 Revealed

The creative team unveils a special Star Wars Celebration Europe convention exclusive cover from Dark Horse Direct to share their love of the Lepi smuggler.


Author Cavan Scott’s Star Wars fandom is as old as his love of Jaxxon, the green rabbit-like alien he helped reintroduce into galactic storytelling in 2018.

When a young Scott picked up his first Star Wars comic, Marvel’s Star Wars issue 16 from May of 1978, he hadn’t yet seen Star Wars: A New Hope. “This was my first real dive into a galaxy far, far away and there was Jaxxon, on the cover alongside Han Solo,” Scott tells “I must have read that issue (and the ones that followed it) hundreds of times. And for me, Jax was just as big a part of Star Wars as any of the main heroes and villains.”

Today, This Week! In Star Wars and are excited to reveal Scott’s latest, the Star Wars Celebration Europe exclusive cover by comic legend and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola: Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023. The new comic from Dark Horse Direct and Lucasfilm Publishing lands the Lepi smack in the middle of an Ewok civil war on Endor, with interior art by Nick Brokenshire, colors by David Kennedy, and lettering by Comicraft.

"The title of this story gives you everything you need to know about our adventure, expertly drawn by the great Nick Brokenshire: War of the Ewoks,” Scott says. “Jaxxon is heading to Endor with the god of the murder bears in tow, a certain protocol droid entrusted to Captain Jaxxon Tumperakki of the New Republic to help solve a crisis on the Sanctuary Moon. Expect intrigue, conflict, calamity, and Duloks!"

It's an intriguing set up that spoke to Brokenshire’s love of those vintage comic strips. “For me, Jaxxon symbolizes the wild, fun, madness of the old Star Wars comics and strips from the ‘70s and ‘80s,” Brokenshire says. “Brightly colored, kinetic, and a little bit bonkers! Perfect! He’s the best type of hero — capable but relying very heavily on (what he believes to be) charm and a star-hauler's load of luck.” And with Ewoks in the mix just in time for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Brokenshire makes one more promise: “There will be spears involved.”

Scott never dreamed he’d get the chance to continue Jaxxon’s story when he first helped bring the character into the modern era. "Little did I know that fans would take Jaxxon back into our hearts leading to multiple return visits, a short story, a mini-series and even an action figure! Now Jax is back again, thanks to Dark Horse who are continuing the tradition of an annual Jaxxon event. All hail the long-eared, high-kicking hero!”

Beyond the Celebration exclusive cover, Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual–Jaxxon 2023 will arrive later this year with three other variant covers by various artists. Read the official description for yourself below…

Holy Hutch! Jaxxon’s back!

Taking a break from his stellar career as a New Republic fighter ace, the galaxy’s greatest green rabbit is sent on a top-secret diplomatic mission to Endor, only to end up in the middle of a full-blown Ewok Civil War! Things get dicey, and our long eared Lepi might have to choose between saving the day, and saving his own skin!

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual–Jaxxon 2023 comic will be available at select events as well as the Dark Horse Direct website, starting with the Mignola exclusive cover at Star Wars Celebration Europe, April 7-10, 2023, at ExCeL London in England.


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