New Product Announcement - Mass Effect: Commander Shepard 1/6 Scale Statue

New Product Announcement - Mass Effect: Commander Shepard 1/6 Scale Statue

Mass Effect's Commander Shepard Lives Again As A Highly Detailed Collectible Statue

The finest sixth-scale collectible on the Citadel.

Just in time for Mass Effect Day--AKA N7 Day--Gentle Giant Studios and Dark Horse Direct have unveiled their new premium collectible statue based on Commander Shepard. Inspired by her appearance on the cover art for Mass Effect 3 and concept art for the game, Shepard is ready to fight as she wipes the blood from her face and has her Omni-Blade activated.

This statue, a sixth-scale replica of Shepard that is 12 inches tall, is made of polyresin materials and stands on a 1.5-inch tall, 6.5-inch diameter base. It'll be available for preorder starting today and is priced at $200. As a bonus, anyone who preorders by November 13 will receive a 10% discount, knocking $20 off the price of this statue.

Stock will be very limited, as only 1,000 pieces will be produced. Dark Horse Direct is including a certificate of authenticity with this collectible, and it's expected to ship to customers between June and August next year. There are several neat details on this statue, as the armor is highly detailed, weathering effects are scattered across Shepard's outfit, and the base also shows signs of wear and tear.

If you're looking to add some more Mass Effect to your shelf, don't miss out on these figures that are up for preorder. As part of the Dark Horse Deluxe collection, Mass Effect fans can preorder two of the original trilogy's most popular crewmates--Liara T'Soni and Garrus Vakarian--as well as a Reaper Sovereign that has been reproduced in a more manageable size when compared to the original planet-destroying entity.



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