New Product Announcement - Krampus Statue–Mantic Series

New Product Announcement - Krampus Statue–Mantic Series

Hellboy's Mike Mignola Reveals Stunning Krampus Statue for 2022

Get in the holiday spirit with this gorgeous Hellboy collectible.


The Hellboy franchise is nothing if not visually distinctive, and that's true both on the printed page and in three dimensions. Now, fans of this iconic horror universe can look forward to a new collectible inspired by 2017's Hellboy: Krampusnacht.

This Krampus statue faithfully reproduces the source material (which was written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and drawn by Adam Hughes). The statue clocks in at 12.25 inches tall and is limited to 500 pieces.

If the design of the Krampus statue looks familiar, that's because it was originally featured as an unpainted miniature in a 2019 expansion pack for Mantic's Hellboy: The Board Game. Working in conjunction with Mantic's artists, Dark Horse has scaled up the original figurine and transformed it into a striking, full-color statue.

“Working with our good friends at Mantic and Level 52 Studios, we’ve enlarged and meticulously painted Hellboy’s favorite yule goat in gory detail,” said Dark Horse Direct Director of eCommerce, Melissa Lomax, in a statement. “This festive and eerie statue begs to adorn your mantle year round. Celebrate being on the naughty list this year and pre-order today before it descends back into the depths beyond!”

The Krampus statue will be sold exclusively through the Dark Horse Direct website and is available for preorder now. It's expected to release in Fall 2022, just in time to frighten everyone in your household over the holidays.



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