New Product Announcement - Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy on Clawstrider 1:9 Scale Premium Statue

New Product Announcement - Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy on Clawstrider 1:9 Scale Premium Statue

Horizon Forbidden West Roars To Life With A New Collectible Statue

This replica of Horizon's Clawstrider is an attention-grabber.

Horizon Forbidden West builds on the excellent robot enemy designs of its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, and if you're looking to bring some of that mechanical detail to your desktop, then you'll want to check out this new collectible. Featuring Aloy on her Clawstrider mount, this new premium statue from Substance Model Workds is now available to preorder exclusively through Dark Horse Direct.

Priced at $999.99 and limited to 500 pieces, anyone preordering before March 12 will get a $100 discount. The 1:9 scale statue stands at 14.5 inches in height from the base to the tip of Aloy's bow, and it measures 22 inches wide from the Clawstrider's snout to the tip of its tail. The base is designed to look like a machine-manufacturing Cauldron, and the Clawstrider has some incredible fine detail in its design.

Subtle mechanical details and a vibrant paint job should make it stand out on any shelf, and for an added touch, there are blue LEDs in its eyes to give it a spark of life. As for Aloy, she's geared up in her default clothing and armor, armed with her signature bow, and has also adopted an action pose on her mechanical steed.

Dark Horse estimates that this collectible will begin shipping out between January and March 2025, and it has capped purchases to two per customer. In case it sells out, you can pick up a few other items from the Horizon universe, including a highly detailed 1:6 scale statue of Aloy for $400, or if you're on a budget, a smaller PVC figure for $80. For something more decorative, there's a fine art print of the Horizon Forbidden West map to display on your wall.



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