New Product Announcement - Hellboy 30th Anniversary Limited Editions Screenprints

New Product Announcement - Hellboy 30th Anniversary Limited Editions Screenprints

Exclusive: Celebrate HELLBOY’s 30th Anniversary With These Stunning Prints

Dark Horse is celebrating Mike Mignola’s beloved creation with a series of screen prints throughout 2024.

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Hellboy, Mike Mignola’s enduring and beloved folk horror comic book icon. For those who wish to celebrate Big Red, we’ve got just the thing. We here at Fango are thrilled to announce that Dark Horse Direct is celebrating the landmark with a series of screen prints showcasing the artwork that made us fall in love with Hellboy in the first place.

The first screen prints will reproduce Mignola’s Seed of Destruction #1 and a 1994’s Wake the Devil promotional comic ad, which started it all three decades ago. Both prints are 24 by 36 inches on 100# Cougar uncoated paper, with both expected to ship in August or September of this year. Have a look at these beauties for yourself.

The first print in this commemorative series will be 10-color Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Seed of Destruction #1 Screenprint. It is an exact replica of the original cover from the book, featuring Mignola’s original artwork. And let’s not forget a special appearance by Arthur Adams’ Monkeyman and O’Brien.

As for the second print, fans can jump back in time with this black-and-white Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Wake the Devil 1994 Comic Ad Screenprint. This humorous single-page comic was an ad published at the time for the soon-to-be Wake the Devil series, serving as a callback to the early days of Hellboy. Given that we’ve also got a new Hellboy movie on the way, this is a good time to be a fan of the character. Eric Garza, the designer and content curator who is partnering with Dark Horse to celebrate Hellboy’s 30th Anniversary, had this to say:

“For 30 years, Mike has gifted readers with masterful storytelling, unmatched in his ability to convey atmosphere and mood, and to create (or end) worlds through a drip-perfect alchemy of art and story. Since the very first issue, Hellboy has seamlessly blended elements of horror, pulp adventure, gothic romance, mythology, folklore, and so much more – and often at the same time. However, what undoubtedly sinks its hooks into you first is Mike’s artwork. It is a style without compromise, unmistakably and singularly his own.”

Aside from this, Mignola is staying busy. The documentary Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters is rolling out this year. Plus, he is busy preparing an entire new universe filled with folk horror dubbed Lands Unknown, which he’s also doing with Dark Horse Comics.

The 10-color Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Seed of Destruction #1 Screenprint goes for $75.00 and is limited to 500 units, while the black-and-white Hellboy 30th Anniversary: Wake the Devil Comic Ad Screenprint is $60.00 and limited to 250 units. Both of them are available to pre-order now exclusively from Dark Horse Direct.


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