New Product Announcement - Halo Infinite: Spartan Chonmage/Yokai PVC Statue

New Product Announcement - Halo Infinite: Spartan Chonmage/Yokai PVC Statue

Halo Infinite's Samurai 'Spartan Chonmage' Armor Recreated as Incredible Figurine

You can own a replica of one of the most visually stunning Spartan suits.


Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode recently introduced one of the most memorable Spartan armors in the franchise's history, and now that armor is being immortalized as a statue from Dark Horse Direct.

This statue is based on the Fracture: Tenrai multiplayer event. In the Halo universe, the Chonmage helmet symbolizes ancient samurai generals who harmonized with their fellow warriors, while the Yokai helmet represents those who were consumed by bloodlust and the thrill of battle. This statue includes an alternate Yokai helmet piece for those who prefer that look.

The Spartan Chonmage statue measures 10 inches tall. This piece is priced at $99.99 and limited to 2500 units worldwide. It will be sold exclusively through Dark Horse Direct's website and the Microsoft Gear Store.




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