New Product Announcement - Grendel: Hunter Rose 40th Anniversary Statue

New Product Announcement - Grendel: Hunter Rose 40th Anniversary Statue

EXCLUSIVE: Grendel: Hunter Rose 40th Anniversary Statue Arrives in Time For Netflix Show

Screen Rant is pleased to share an exclusive look at Dark Horse Direct's newest statue celebrating the 40th anniversary of Matt Wagner's Grendel.


Screen Rant is excited to announce a new Dark Horse Direct collectible celebrating the 40th anniversary of Grendel's titular character, ahead of his Netflix debut. Hunter Rose is the subject of an incredible new sculpture that fans of his adventures will absolutely need. There's no better way to celebrate an anniversary than by looking as stunning as possible with ease.

Grendel began publishing in 1982. Created by Matt Wagner, the comic series was first published by Comico Comics, which eventually went defunct, leading the villainous protagonist to find a home at Dark Horse Comics. Grendel will soon have a home at Netflix, as an Original Series adaptation is in development. Before then, however, comic fans will have a chance to purchase a stunning new statue.

Dark Horse Comics has provided Screen Rant with the first look at Hunter Rose's newest collectible. The polyresin statue's concept and design were created by Matt Wagner himself. It was sculpted by Steve Kiwus, with prototyping and paint by J. W. Productions. The assassin looms over the city with his two-pronged fork, ready to strike. Grendel is 11.25" tall on a base that is 5" wide, adorned with his signature red rose. The statue is available from Dark Horse Direct.

Over the last forty years, Grendel has starred in numerous series. From his debut in Comico Primer #2 to his latest adventure in Grendel: Devil's Odyssey last year, Hunter Rose has not stopped entertaining his fanbase with new adventures. Dark Horse Comics has released several Omnibus collections of Grendel and has continuously brought new and classic adventures to comic readers. The character has also managed to find himself pitted against DC Comics' Batman twice in crossovers that tested both characters' skills and intellects. Now, fans of Hunter Rose can bring the assassin home with his newest statue from Dark Horse.

Matt Wagner is excited about the new collectible, saying:

GRENDEL has stood the test of time like few other independent comics. So this striking all-new statue seems like the perfect monument to celebrate and commemorate the character's 40th anniversary! I couldn't be happier with how Dark Horse Direct and sculptor Steve Kiwus have brought my original design to life. This evocative and beautiful piece is a must-have for any serious GRENDEL collector.

The Grendel: Hunter Rose 40th Anniversary Statue is limited to 500 units, making it a rather rare item. Each unit will include a certificate of authenticity. Retailing at $249.99, this statue costs a pretty penny, but Grendel's Hunter Rose is worth every cent considering how much joy he has brought to his fans over his lengthy comic history. His longevity is nothing to laugh at and it certainly makes his anniversary a worth celebrating in a big way. From full-series adventures to short story anthologies and even subsequent successors wearing the mask, Grendel is no doubt a fan-favorite character despite having a villainous role. However, it all started with Hunter Rose and this statue definitely commemorates his legacy. Fans can pre-order this Grendel statue starring Hunter Rose now at the Dark Horse Direct website and begin preparations to catch the upcoming Original Series on Netflix.




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