New Product Announcement - DOOM Eternal - Slayer Gate Bookend

New Product Announcement - DOOM Eternal - Slayer Gate Bookend

DOOM Eternal Collectible Bookend Set Coming from Dark Horse (Exclusive)

After collaborating with ID Software and Bethesda, Dark Horse reveals an exclusive new DOOM Eternal collector's item: the Slayer Gate bookend.


The Slayer from DOOM Eternal is no stranger to comic books, so it was appropriate when Dark Horse teamed up with ID Software and Bethesda to publish The Art of DOOM Eternal artbook. Now, the publisher and game company team up yet again to bring fans a collectible truly worthy of the franchise’s larger-than-life protagonist: the new DOOM Eternal Slayer Gate Bookend!

DOOM Eternal by ID Software and Bethesda follows the Doom Slayer on his continuing quest to save mankind from the hosts of Hell. Traveling from Mars to Earth and Heaven to Hell, the Slayer’s bloody crusade in DOOM Eternal fleshed out the world of DOOM even further, provided some background for its mysterious protagonist and antagonist, and let fans obliterate demons in just about every way imaginable. In addition to a heart-pumping campaign, Doom Eternal added several challenges and a reworked multiplayer mode to give players even more ways to slay.

Dark Horse’s Slayer Gate Bookend is styled after the Slayer Gates found within DOOM Eternal’s campaign. As the Slayer progresses through a level, he may encounter these gates and attempt to open them with their corresponding keys. If they do, they face a particularly tough challenge within, ranging from modified bosses to incredibly tight, frantic battles with entire platoons’ worth of demons. Players bloodthirsty enough to take on all six Gates and triumph are rewarded with an awe-inspiring weapon worthy of their feat. This new collectible is available now from Dark Horse Direct.

The Slayer Gate Bookend is a truly commanding feature of any bookcase. Standing at 9 inches tall, with a depth of 7.1 inches and a width of 5.4 inches, this collectible pops to life and brings the imposing menace the game's Slayer Gates ooze in every level. Sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks and painted by J.W. Productions, every detail of the gate stands out, perfectly framing itself and turning the books around it into the white-knuckle forbidden areas fans love. The production run is limited to 666 sets, each priced at $129.99, with a discount of $15.00 if customers buy two sets. Pre-orders have opened today at Dark Horse Direct, and shipping is expected to begin between November of 2022 and January of 2023.

ID Software and Dark Horse’s recent collaboration brings fans a truly epic collectible to liven up any bookshelf and signal their epic DOOM accomplishments. Capturing the scope and challenges players find within DOOM Eternal's Slayer Gates, Dark Horse’s new bookend is a devilishly cool collector’s item available for pre-order right now.




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