New Product Announcement: StarCraft Terran Battlecruiser Ship Replica

New Product Announcement: StarCraft Terran Battlecruiser Ship Replica


Blast Off with This STARCRAFT Terran Battlecruiser Model

There’s a whole generation of folk that was influenced by the look and feel of StarCraft. The game’s vehicles, structures, and characters are a mashup of classic science fiction and new, exciting designs that have become hallmarks of modern gaming. Now, thanks to Dark Horse Direct and Blizzard, you can own the toughest aerial unit in the Terran arsenal: The Terran Battlecruiser. Well, you can own a 15″-long replica that’ll fit perfectly on your desk; honestly, that’s better than a full-size starship (the upkeep and fuel costs would be murder).

Sculpted by the masterminds at Gentle Giant Studios, this gorgeous bad boy is the perfect centerpiece for any gaming room. Hell, if you want to get extra fancy you could just use this beauty as a centerpiece on your dining room table next time you have the family over for an elegant meal. Your loved ones will no doubt sing your praises once they lay eyes on this 40-pound polyresin beast.

In StarCraft, the massive Terran Battlecruisers carry crews in the thousands and are packed with devastating weaponry. Plus, according to the StarCraft wiki, the ships “boast an assortment of cantinas and rec rooms.” Once this statue is on your bookshelf you can admire it and imagine the tiny parties raging inside. Are there marines on board playing a killer game of shuffleboard? Maybe!

The StarCraft Terran Battlecruiser Ship Replica is approximately 15” long and comes with a clear display post to hover over a sturdy Dominion base. It’s set for an expected a launched date sometime between February and April 2020 but pre-orders are happening right now. With a price tag of $299.99, this thing is a steal. You can’t buy a spaceship for anywhere near that in this economy! Dark Horse Direct is only making 500 of these, so act fast.

You pre-order the StarCraft Terran Battlecruiser replica right here.


We here at Dark Horse Direct couldn't have said it better ourselves and are so excited to get this spectacular ship in your hands! You can find the exclusive announcement article here on Nerdist and make sure you pre-order today!



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