New Product Announcement - Mazebook HC (Dark Horse Direct Exclusive)

New Product Announcement - Mazebook HC (Dark Horse Direct Exclusive)

Jeff Lemire's MAZEBOOK Gets Amazing Hardcover From Dark Horse Direct (Exclusive)

Dark Horse presents a new oversized and deluxe printing of Jeff Lemire’s mystery epic Mazebook, presenting mind-bending mystery in a luxury format.


Screen Rant is proud to announce the release of the Mazebook hardcover edition, exclusively available from Dark Horse Direct. A page-turning, mind-melting tale of magic, monsters and mental illness, Mazebook wowed readers and critics with its mournful, poignant journey through the depths of grief, and now Dark Horse is offering a brand new deluxe edition featuring new art by creator Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Sweet Tooth) and a host of other amenities.

Mazebook, originally released in 2021, tells the story of a lonely building inspector named Will who loses his daughter, Wendy, to illness. Following this death, the inspector receives a shocking call from a girl claiming to be Wendy a decade later, leading him on a journey through his concrete cityscape into a labyrinth to rescue her as he chases after a mysterious red line. An experiential, phenomenological story about the effects of grief on the human mind, the five-issue series was critically acclaimed for its daring and mature take on the dangers of escapism, all the while weaving a visually intricate and fascinating tale which embodies the best of magical realism and low fantasy.

Now, Screen Rant is proud to announce Dark Horse’s new offering of a prestige-format printing of the highly praised series, including a new piece of tip-in art drawn and signed by Lemire, along with pin-up contributions from Gabriel Hernández Walta, Matt Kindt, Dustin Nguyen, Dean Ormston and Andrea Sorrentino and an embroidered cover from Dark Horse Creative Director Tom Muller. Set with all the trappings of a fully furnished folio, readers can enjoy their own journey of emotional awakening and discovery through the maze of Lemire’s story, bedecked with mournful yet exquisite artistry from one of the great creative minds of the business. The hardcover edition is available to pre-order now through Dark Horse Direct.

The Mazebook hardcover edition is listed at $125, and limited to 1000 copies, collecting the full story - perfect for those who have yet to experience this tale and those who want to own it in the most compelling format possible.

Mazebook is the sort of artistically innovative work that attempts to use the medium of sequential art to its fullest extent, and one of the great creative touches in this horror-mystery/dark fantasy is Lemire’s use of mazes both as a metaphor and as a puzzle to explore the search for meaning. Told through Will’s grief-stricken and reality-folding perspective in the wake of a serious tragedy, Mazebook breaks through the conventional mold of the comics medium and tells truly emotionally resonant stories of human beings trying genuinely to fix themselves. Like Lemire's celebrated Sweet Tooth, Mazebook is likely to invite a strong emotional response from the reader.

The Mazebook HC (Dark Horse Direct Exclusive) is now available for pre-order exclusively from




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